APIS TEICHER IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm7603596/


“Always There” (2016)

Having just found out his parents had a miscarriage after years of trying to give him a sibling, 12-year -old Alan is trying to deal with a flood of conflicting emotions on his own. Distraught but unwilling to burden his parents further, he struggles to work through his feelings of grief, guilt, and loss; once he confides in another boy,  Damien,  he is finally able to move forward with a renewed sense of hope. (drama, supernatural, fantasy) Directed by: Athena Russell; 

Official selection of these festivals:

  • 2017 Barcelona Planet Film Festival
  • 2017 300 Seconds Short Film Festival
  • 2017 Roma Cinema Doc
  • 2017 Los Angeles CineFest ( Semi-Finalist)
  • 2017 Alternative Film Fest ( Finalist)

“Lee’s Choice” ( 2016) 

What would it be like if the fate of the world rested in the hands of a child — or in the hands of elemental gods behaving like children? After millennia of battling one another using our world as a battleground, the four Elemental gods -Earth, Fire, Water, and Air- take human form and come down to earth for one final showdown. After they reach a stalemate yet again, they come to a decision – choose a mortal child to be the impartial judge. They find Lee and put the fate of our world in her hands; choose the strongest force and award them dominion over our world or face their wrath. With the likelihood of bringing about the apocalypse no matter who she chooses,  Lee has to use her wits to save humanity’s future.
(comedy, sci-fi, fantasy) Directed by: Joshua Costea

An official selection of these festivals:

  • 2016 International Family Film Festival- Los Angeles  ( Won YF! Best Mixed Media Foreign)
  • 2016Armaggeddon Expo Film Festival – New Zealand
  • 2016 Canada Shorts Canadian & International Short Film Fest  ( Won Award of Distinction)
  • 2017 Providence Children’s Film Festival – Youth Filmmaker Showcase
  • 2017 Pensacon Short Film Festival- Florida
  • 2017 Alternative Film Festival  ( Finalist)
  • 2017 Twister Alley Film Festival

Book Box ( 2016)

Two latchkey kids from very different backgrounds lead parallel lives that eventually meet up at the neighborhood book box.

Official Selection of:

  • Barcelona Planet Film Festival (2016),
  • Cinephone International Short Film Festival (2016),
  • Roma Cinema Doc (2016),
  • Texas Ultimate Shorts Film and Video Competition (2016)
  • and Wendy’s Shorts Awards (2016).