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Review: Sidura Ludwig’s “You Are Not What We Expected” Is A Multi-layered Exploration Of Personalities And Struggle , The  (2020)

Review: Along the Rim – The Best of Pacific Rim Review of Books Review ( Volume Two)- “The Haiku Apprentice”. (Ekstasis Editions)

Review : “Kabuki Boy “ By Perle Besserman ( Pacific Rim Review, 2013)

Review : “The Ghost Brush” by Katherine Govier ( Pacific Rim Review, 2011)

Review : “Solar Poems” by Homero AridjisGeorge McWhirter (Translator) ( Pacific Rim Review, 2010)

Review : “In Search of the Miraculous” by Mada Dalian ( Pacific Rim Review, 2009)

Review: “Willing Diaspora – Jungle Crows : A Tokyo Expatriate Anthology” Hillel Wright, Ed. ( Pacific Rim Review, 2008)

Review : “100 Aspects of the Moon” by Leza Lowitz ( Pacific Rim Review, 2007)

Review : “The Haiku Apprentice” by Abigail Friedman ( Pacific Rim Review, 2007)

Review : “Three Views of Crystal Water “ by Katherine Govier( Pacific Rim Review, 2006)

Comixtalk Reviews ( 2003- 2006): Wahoo Morris by Craig A Taillefer, The Sinner Dragon’s Gilda Rimessi, Alpha Shade by Christopher and Joseph Brudlos, Cox and Forkum, Avalon by Josh Phillips, Faux Pas by R&M Creative Endeavours 


Opening a Jewish narrative for special needs kids” (Landmark Report, 2013)

One Astronaut’s Space Quilting Experiment”  (Landmark Report, 2013)

Being Given a Chance To Beat Cancer”  ( Your Canadian Moment, Macleans.Ca 2012)

“Bridging Gaps: How the Transfer of Technology Translates into Humanitarian Empowerment“, Innovation Magazine APEGBC, (March 2007)

Huggable Art: A Plushie Tutorial ( EMG-zine 2007)

“The Cabal of Kabbalah” ( Afterword, 2001)

“Yiddish Revivalist Dances with the Devil” ( Afterword, 2006)


Assorted Articles and Interviews in: 

Afterword Newspaper ( 2001-2006, Toronto)

Vancouver Board of Trade’s Sounding Board, Vancouver

The Mie Times, Yokkaichi, Japan

Yokkaichi International Association, Yokkaichi, Japan

Bloomsbury Review, Denver, USA

The/ La Source, Vancouver



The Best of Jim Baen’s Universe ( Ed. Eric Flint). Illustrations for E. Friesner’s “Benny Comes Home” 

The Art of the Business of Fantasy Art ( Anthology, Volume 1)( 2006) Illustrations